Hideaway Resort

A guest in nature

They still exist, the forgotten and secluded places. One is up here, just around the corner - and yet an insider tip. Here at the end of the Lötschen valley, in the middle of a small larch forest, at 1789 m above sea level, lies the time-honoured Hotel Fafleralp surrounded by its chalet annexes - our hideaway resort.
You could almost think that time has stood still. But it hasn't. It simply doesn't matter up here. Because all that really counts is the present moment. And on the Fafleralp, that belongs entirely to you. Come to us, to nature, to peace. Come to yourself.

Hideaway Resort Fafleralp

Our main house at the highest point of the resort.
Our largest chalet right next to the main house.
Our chalet with the wellness suites with balcony.
Our romantic chalet with a view of the larch forest.
Our lowest chalet on the edge of the resort.
Our unheated base camp with seminar room.
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Our rooms

You will also find nature in your room. Our natural building materials create a pleasant and healthy indoor climate. Local wood and stone dominate the bright and simply renovated rooms. Of course, there is a room to suit every need and budget.
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Gastronomy and culinary

What you eat with us also comes from here. We prefer to source our products from the Lötschental and the region. We never travel more than 100 km to get them. Only our talented kitchen team under the leadership of Fredi Boss has travelled far. Every day they create honest and substantial dishes with respect for tradition and interpret them freshly in the spirit of the Fafleralp. The most important ingredient here too: a love of simplicity.
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You find luxury in what you don't find here.

Activities in the Lötschental

On the Fafleralp, nature is the main attraction. Here you can experience it in all its originality and with all your senses – discover forest animals, feel the gentle wind and listen to the distant murmur of the Lonza. If you don't just want to be, but also want to be active, then we have a few rarely used routes and places of power for you that we are happy to share with you.
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